Crowd Is Just Number, Let’s Talk About ROI!



Nowadays the talk is not just about how much the crowd that the organizer could get, but it scales up to the talk on the ROI that the event could brought.

Thanks to the rapid development on the event technology, now it is possible to provide data event analytics with no delay, real time and seamless data collection. The whole process involving every individual human being on the event directly continuously till the end of the show without being recognize by them.

Something that PouchNation as the leading on the event technology solutions provider bring to South East Asia Market.

The data collection started at the gate entrance, when the guest tap on their wristband on the scanning the continuously tracking his route, the time he spend in the toilet, on every booth or vendor, what things he interest in, how much he spent on the event venue, on what things, or on the other case of conferences and exhibition, which topic, which speaker, which sponsors he engage most could be known by the organizers in no time. But then what is the used of all the data?

Back on the title, yeah it is not about the crowd anymore. The talk on the table would focused on the money that they could brought to the organizers and to the sponsors. Using the data that being collected real time could be making the mutual relationship between organizers and partner sponsors to be fruitful. The ROI could be measured and the value could be adjust directly in the same day if it should be done.

To be called as business intelligent gathering, the event software technology served the sponsors more detailed, showing them how to leverage their brands more effectively that obviously will affected the sales revenue of their brand product.

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